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Certified INFINITI

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What Is A Certified Technician?

A certified technician is one who has undergone specific training and education to work on automobiles. Many certifications are also specialized for performing maintenance on a particular brand of automobile. Many manufactures offer certification programs. Many certified technicians are highly skilled in working on a specific brand, as it is the focus of the majority of the work they do. 

INFINITI is a manufacturer that offers certification programs. Through trained and testing, any auto mechanic can become certified. The program takes dedication, skill, and knowledge. All technicians at Austin INFINITI are certified or working towards their certification.

Uncertified Techs vs. Certified Techs


When comparing various shops in Austin, you’ll notice there are several different shops, some certified and some not. The similarities between these two types of shops are that they both can perform repairs, maintenance, and general automotive upkeep. Both offer scheduling, deals, and competitive prices. There are differences to keep in mind, as well.


A key difference is standards of repair and part quality. An uncertified mechanic has not been through the specified training to meet INFINITI’s standards of repair quality when you take your car to a certified mechanic. You know the repairs will meet the manufacturer’s high standards. Also, an accredited mechanic only uses OEM parts, which are specifically designed for your car; an uncertified mechanic may cut corners or simply use what they have on hand.

The Importance Of Continued Training

A certified technician is like many other licensed professionals in that they are always learning more and having to renew their certification regularly. A certified mechanic will be up to date on the latest technology, repair methods, and advancements in the automotive industry.

Finding The Best Certified Maintenance Shop

When you bring your INFINITI in for maintenance, you want to be confident it is in expert hands. In Austin and surrounding cities such as Cedar Park, there are many certified shops to choose from; however, at Austin INFINITI, we stand out from the rest. In addition to our fully certified staff, we also make use of OEM parts in a state-of-the-art facility. While your vehicle is being worked you can enjoy our comfortable waiting area. Call us today to learn more, and if you need a pickup, an Uber, or a loaner, be sure to ask.

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